Discount Key:  S - Student; H - Hospital Employee/Medical Resident; E - Employee/Faculty; A - Alumni; R - Retirees

AT & T Wireless  -  S  E  -  Faculty & Staff receive 17% off qualified wireless services.  Students receive 10% off qualified wireless services.  If you have your own tablet, add service and receive a $100 bill credit.  If you wish to order on line, pleasevisit us on the web via this link.  You can also receive the same discount by visiting any AT&T retail store.  The closest store to The University is 2200 Louisiana Blvd. NE., Suite 8c / Albuquerque, NM  87110 / 505-830-2720.  Please make sure to bring proof of employment or ID for students.  Are you already an AT&T customer?  Add your discount on the web - here.  If you have other questions contact Paul Alberry at or 520.222.3007.

My Trendy Phone  -  S  H  E  A  R   We carry phones, computers, TVs, tablets, and accessories for all of them.  Please visit us on the web at to see the extensive inventory, and then use promo code mtpNPVR9 at checkout.  You will receive 15% off any product under $200 that is not already reduced in price.

Sprint Employee Value Program  -  H  E  -  18% discount on Sprint Nextel monthly services (as well as discounted accessories, no activation fee and free shipping) when ordered from the Employee Value Program Please visit us on the web at  and log in with your university email address. You must provide your valid email address to get the discount.  ( will not work.)  For more information call Andrew at 1-888-457-6294 or email at

T-Mobile Amplified Program  -  S  H  E  A  -  These discounts are not available in stores.  The T-Mobile Amplified plan gives all new and existing employees and their families T-Mobile’s most premium plans with a huge savings.  A family of four can save up to 33% from our standard pricing and discounted phones/devices for University employees and hospital personnel.  Click Here to see those Discounts.  Employees and hospital personnel must call the T-Mobile Amplified Direct line @ 1-855-570-9947 and use the employee and hospital personnel promo code 867TMOFAV and their UNM email address.  Other discounts are available to University and hospital personnel who are provided a University paid T-Mobile voice device.  They must call the T-Mobile Amplified Direct line @ 1-855-570-9947 and mention Business Family Discount to receive a monthly discount on their qualified rate plan and must use the employee and hospital personnel promo code 867TMOFAV.

Important Notes!   ****DISCOUNTS NOT AVAILABLE IF PHONES ACTIVATED IN STORE****   If you want a question answered before you call the T-Mobile Amplified Direct line, email Andrea Kippen, Employee Account Manager - at with the information of Name, Promo Code, Contact #, Time Zone, Current Carrier & # of Lines, & Requested Callback Date/Time. ***Existing T-Mobile employees on our legacy advantage program, please visit and follow the instructions on this site.  It may take up to three billing cycles.

UnlockBase  -  S  H  E  A  R  - UnlockBase offers cellphone unlocking services for a wide range of popular carriers, such as: LG, HTC, & iPhone to name a few. Please visit us on the web at and receive 10% off any purchase. Use the promo code "EDU10DISC" to get your discount. 

Verizon Employee Value Program  - S  H  E R  18% discount on Verizon monthly service (as well as 20% off accessories) when ordered from the Employee Value Program.  You must provide your valid email address to get the discount.  ( will not work.)  To order new phones or service, please visit us on the web through UNM Verizon EVP, and submit the order online.  You can provide your email address online when you purchase your plan or device, or by contacting Andrew at EVP after you place your order.  You can reach Andrew at 1-888-457-6294 during regular office hours:  weekdays from 7am - 4pm MST or email at  You may contact him also for general questions or account assistance.

DISCLAIMER:  By listing businesses and their offers in these pages, neither the University of New Mexico nor the LoboCard Office is endorsing these businesses or the goods/services they offer.  We have been in contact with the businesses, or they have contacted us, regarding partnering in our discount program.  The listings are provided by the respective businesses, and the University is not responsible for whether the information in them is accurate or current.  Be a wise consumer and research services and discounts appropriately.