Wholesale Shopping

Discount Key:  S - Student; H - Hospital Employee/Medical Resident; E - Employee/Faculty; A - Alumni; R - Retirees

Costco  -  S   H  E  A  R  -  Receive a $10/$20 cash card when you sign up for a new membership at either the Eubank or Renaissance store in Albuquerque.  The offer is not available online.  So, please visit us on the web at    Then come in and become a Costco member.  Bring a print of the LoboPerks page with the Costco listing for smoother processing.

Wholesale Shopping - S   H  E  A  R - First time members will receive 10% off their initial purchase by registering at

DISCLAIMER:  By listing businesses and their offers in these pages, neither the University of New Mexico nor the LoboCard Office is endorsing these businesses or the goods/services they offer.  We have been in contact with the businesses, or they have contacted us, regarding partnering in our discount program.  The listings are provided by the respective businesses, and the University is not responsible for whether the information in them is accurate or current.  Be a wise consumer and research services and discounts appropriately.