Dell Computers  -  S  H  E  A  -  Discounts range from 2%-30% depending upon the product. Eligible individuals receive our Best Price Guarantee which insures discounts on all consumer Dell computers as well as discounts on thousands of electronics and accessories. Finally, Dell University customers get access to our highest level of technical support. Discounts are available anywhere in North America by visiting us on the web at

i-Adapters  -  S  H  E  A  R  -  We sell high quality, affordable, certified and third-party cables, adapters and accessories for the iPhone, iPad mini and iPad with the lightning connector.  The lightning connector makes the 30-pin connector obsolete!  Get a 10% discount off your total purchase with coupon code UNM10.  So, please visit us on the web at and use your UNM discount code.

The Snugg  -  S  H  E  A  R  -  We carry cases and covers for tablets, ipads, phones and other electronic equipment Receive a 10% discount on all products purchased through  So, please visit us on the web at and enter the discount code NEWMEXICO10 for your UNM discounts.

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